Violinist David Russell



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Reply TimothyLeliz
1:55 AM on October 25, 2019 
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Reply Benjamin Eby
3:10 AM on August 26, 2017 
Mr. Russell,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts and feelings on music and art in our modern world. I don't know if you remember me; we encountered each other briefly when I was a young disillusioned and confused student. A lot of years have passed since those days, and many experiences lived. Love and respect from Negros Island, Philippines.
Reply Mehdi
4:27 PM on November 29, 2013 
Hi dear David :-) I was reading an interview with Ricci and related comments at and accidentally found your profile and the link to this really nice site. I enjoyed pics and writings. I've not watched all videos but I'll do later. I hope your "amiable" site will always be with new materials :-) Best wishes.