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Life, Meaning, and Music

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David Russell and Friends: Faure C Minor C minor Piano Quartet
 In collaboration with GoodCity Arts Inc. Mr. Russell offers
a series of films, lectures and concerts:


Life, Meaning and Music: The Joy of the Artist

    This lecture-concert explores the inner motivations of artists hoping to positively impact the world. It features the works of composers such as J.S. Bach, Fritz Kreisler, and Brahms, along with excerpts from the memoirs of great artists from the past (Pablo Casals, Fritz Kreisler)


    Life, Meaning and Music: Hope in Resistance

      This multi-media program focuses on the heroic actions of the resistance movement during World War II.  Primarily focused on the people of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, France, who in response to the demands of their conscience risked their lives to save approximately 5,000 Jewish people during the Nazi occupation of France, the program includes films, slides, discussion and the music of Arvo Part, John Tavener, and J.S. Bach.


      Life, Meaning and Music: On Human Dignity

        This multi-media program looks at the origin of the idea of human dignity, and offers reflection on how the effects of man’s inhumanity to man might be overcome. The program includes traditional music, lullabies from diverse cultures, film segments and discussion.


        Life, Meaning and Music: A Look Beyond Ourselves

          This program offers reflections on ideas that challenge the idea that mankind is ultimately in control of all aspects of our destiny.   It includes music of Bach, Ralph Vaughan-Williams, and Brahms, and includes a lecture/interview component.


          Life, Meaning and Music: Forces of Change

            This program is a presentation of music and discussion that contemplates the contrasting ideas of change through force, and change through peaceful resistance, using the example of the Abolitionist Movement leading up to the American Civil War. The program features music of Charles Ives, Traditional Quaker and Civil War-era music, and newly-composed compositions designed to offer opportunity for reflection on the topic.

            Life, Meaning and Music: Ancient Echoes
            This program features film clips, lecture components and music that highlight the impact of ancient ideas on later generations of music, culture and world views.  Music performed on the duduk, violin, voice and piano will follow the paths of First Century Roman Philosopher Seneca the Younger, Islamic Philosopher Ibn Rushd, Jewish Philosopher Maimonides, and Jesus of Nazareth.

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